Get Your Player a Personal AI Assistant

TENTUPLAY delves into your player’s motivations and presents them with the strategies and items they need.

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  1. Install the SDK and Collect Logs

    The SDK collects play logs and the AI analyzes them to discover different play styles.

  2. Get Insights into Different Player Personas

    The AI divides your players into 28 personas and creates a dashboard showing ‘why’ each player stays or leaves.

  3. Automatically Send Personalized Messages

    The AI creates and sends in-game messages that suggest strategies and items each player needs.

  4. Watch Retention and Revenue Rise

    Some of our clients have seen increases in retention rates by 88% and conversion rates by 94%.

Changes TENTUPLAY Has Made

Studio A - MMORPG

  • Retention Rate 13%
  • IAP 8%
  • Engagement 45%
  • Conversion Rate 94%

Studio B - Idle Game

  • D4 Retention Rate 88.5%
  • D6 Retention Rate 79.5%
  • Retention Days 36.1%
  • The must-use service for all the video game startups! I knew it right away that TENTUPLAY is REAL the moment I got the analysis report. You don't have to rely on your gut anymore and can achieve tangible improvements with thorough data analysis. It's literally the best.
    Chul-Hoe Koo
    CEO / Bleor Games
  • TENTUPLAY enabled us to understand players’ different needs through data analysis. It categorized players by playing styles and gave us valid ideas to improve our game.
    Jung-Hyeok Shin
    CEO / Playhard
  • Honestly, I had some doubts in the beginning. I wasn’t sure whether it would really turn out to be effective. However, I saw the retention of the treated players was 88% higher than the untreated, and my doubts vanished.
    Junyoung Hong
    CEO / G.AIM Studio


  1. Easy to use

    Install the SDKs and TENTUPLAY will do the rest.

  2. Every player matters

    TENTUPLAY takes care of up to 28 player personas to improve the retention and revenues of all of your players.

  3. Fast and easy CRM

    TENTUPLAY uses its own automated messaging system which delivers personalized messages to the right players in the right place at the right time. It allows more prompt player management without updating your game.

  4. Gather Insights to improve your game

    TENTUPLAY makes useful discoveries that can help you in game design. It tells you why your players leave, why they make purchases, what they complain about, and what they want.

Provide Personalized Strategies and Offers.

The Perfectionists

Tips and guide for those who have a hard time deciding which item to rush first

The Efficient Players

Growth record and recommended items for those who spend resources efficiently to grow fast within a limited playtime

Non-paying Users with High Expectation

Offer watching ads to get the item that helps to win the game for non-paying users

Idle Game but Manually

Tips and featured items for those who want to grow fast and go less idle

using RPGM.Core;
using RPGM.UI;
using UnityEngine;
using TentuPlay.API;

namespace RPGM.Gameplay
    public class InventoryItem : MonoBehaviour
        public void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D collider)
            new TPStashEvent().CharacterItemGet(this);

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